Birth of Another Jamaican Natural Cancer Cure…& hopefully not intellectual property robbery again…

I will recall and apologise for this story if untrue but the truth is some exposure of this story is the best protection our subject has for his intellectual property right now.

I will call him Andrew.    This gentleman from the south of Jamaica is currently in the States being tested by the National Institute of Health (NIH) of the United States as a complete cancer cure based on a green juice diet and his prayed for formula of 5 herbal ingredients which he calls ‘red juice’.

Andrew was diagnosed with some form of leukemia on the day his baby was born.  Our oncologists scheduled him for 8 chemo sessions (JA about $2,000,000 paid for entirely by friends and well wishers from their pockets) and because his marrow dropped to 5% of normal despite treatment, they sent him home after 6 treatments with the well known ‘nothing more could be done’ nonsense mainstream medicine is still spouting in the face of massive evidence to the contrary from every corner of the globe, e.g.,


Well he went home and there decided he would live for his baby and so radically changed his diet and instead of any or the many liquids we imbibe on a daily basis, including water, he drank only green juice (he bottles it so you don’t have to mess around with blenders) – no meat, sugar, processed foods or white flour.   He then prayed for a divine answer and was shown 5 herbs to boil together into ‘red juice’.   He began drinking the latter concoction 3 oz approx. morning and night.  After 2 qts. (I assume the ‘red juice’ here, will have to verify) he felt better and went back to his doctors and asked them to re test him.  After they didn’t …. then they did…cured as far as they could see… they notified NIH.  NIH sent him tickets to go up.

Well, Andrew says he has a man looking out for his intellectual property interests and I hope this is so because we know how the periwinkle and cannabis stories have gone… Cancer cures and treatments and regularly purloined and suppressed.

I am to be given Andrew’s test results and 2 bottles of ‘red juice’ free on his return.  Cost JA$1000 per qt.  Why? ‘ Because him not diggin out nobody pocket since it was him fren pay for all his treatment’.   People are buying it up as fast as he can make it and not very surprisingly it appears to be working on a range of medical conditions from diabetes to gallstones, etc etc

The beat goes on and I hope I am previliged to be part of an inception….  I wish him all the best, long life and deserved wealth and credit to him and Jamaica’s resources.

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The beat….

I was contacted by a client who has been diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma (not that common collagen cancer of bone and cartilage).  She is not easily operable right now so the suggestion is chemo.   On the morning of the evening her port was to be put in she was very uncomfortable with the idea of chemo because

a) family members were very against it

b) after about a week of the abovementioned ‘juices’ she is hardly coughing compared to finishing each phrase with a cough and is now walking without her cane as pain is markedly down…

What she wanted to know should she do…

I said in my years of medicine, patients whom I see are deeply doubtful of chemo may want to delay it until they are comfortable… they do way better if they make an accepting decision about it.  I also said that if she was seeing marked improvement on the juices as reported objectively by her acquaintances with her own subjective feelings improved, why not deal with the juices like real chemo… give em a chance … don’t muddy the waters if there is real improvement and make certain she tests progress just like mainstream chemo…   I wait to hear……


Category : Alternative Medicine &Jamaica Therapy Posted on May 12, 2016

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