The First World Conference of Indigenous & Surviving Peoples

What if…

What would we hear, see and do if the UN organised the world’s first conference for idigenous and surviving peoples?

What languages would be catered for… ?
Could we get serious and allow them whatever state of dress or undress is normal for them?
Should we choose Bali? Jamaica? Somewhere between Capricorn and Cancer?
Who should attend?  Peoples of the deserts, peoples of the snows, peoples of the rain forests, peoples of the plains, Romany, Abos, Moaris, Maroons, Native Americans/First Nations…
1 week..
Divide up the fora… arts & culture, environment & natural resources, spirituality, reparation
Invite … who responds start there…
Needed, fundraising, performance and installation space, interpreters, conference space, worship areas, transportation organisers, events organisers, menu planners, board and lodging facilities, press/social media management, shipment of precious cargo/artefacts/costumes, etc etc