Face Depression Jamaica Launch

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Depression affects over 350 million people worldwide and yet it is still not viewed as a common illness. It is estimated that 15.5% of adolescents in Jamaica fit the criteria for a diagnosis of depression. Other studies suggest that some 30% of our adult population is living with depression. These numbers are undeniably jarring, yet the stigma associated with mental illness continues to act as a barrier to individuals accessing treatment.

We decided that it is time to break the stigma. Originally launched in Barbados in 2015, #FaceDepression is a social media-based photo story in which we share stories of individuals who currently or have previously experienced depression, of professionals who help such individuals, and of family members and friends who have seen firsthand how isolating depression can be.

On Tuesday July 26, 2016, we invite you to join us as we launch a campaign to shine a light on the darkness that is depression and help to shatter the stigma that surrounds it here in Jamaica. The gallery style launch will feature portraits of our participants as well as Susan Goffe as our keynote speaker. Additionally, performances by D’Burnz and Addie Galimore. Enjoy light vegan refreshments

The Valencia
Spanish Court Hotel
Worthington Avenue


“I’m just hopeful that spotting a light in the darkness, can help all of us see the other faces in the room”


The Face Depression Jamaica Team

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