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INDEED I KNOW IT, KNOW IT… ….. OnlineCounsellingJamaica and Moorlands Summer Camps joined up to produce a medic christened SYRINGE @ the 14- 15 camp!  Well, I’m telling you … Syringe got as much out of it as the kids! J  This place is THE cure for over civilisation and just may be the spur out of depression for some kids.  It was almost strange to see kids running around and chasing each other all over lawns, not a computer, cell or tablet in sight!  The camp looks after the WHOLE child and makes no bones about shepherding them down the Christian path…. but NEVER intrusively…   You will be encouraged to be baptised/rebaptised but not without permission from parents and guardians…  and if the kids don’t leave ‘born again’ baptised… that is okay because something perhaps even more profound will have taken place…  NONE escape the certain instruction that there is more to life than the material and that there is an inner psycho-spiritual person who MUST be paid attention and fulfilled …and BEST OF ALL ….YOU CAN AND MUST PLAY, EXERCISE, BE CREATIVE & GET FRESH AIR TO DO IT!

Upon return I was in a place where a deeply negative murder story was on TV and I felt the negative energy of it like a sick thud in my chest… why?  I knew…  After a week of unpolluted nature, positive daily messages, no violent or negative media and neutral to pleasurable human interaction ONLY … it was remarkable to me that such a subtle but marked, energetically uplifting shift could have taken place in just one week and it got slapped down!  Therefore, people, beware the GHASTLY effects of a constant diet of negative media, indoor life, over sexualisation of everything and no exercise…the effects are PROFOUNDLY DEPRESSING and if just a week could have registered this uplifting change then I am convinced all is not lost in Jamaica!  MORE POWER TO MOORLANDS!!!  KEEP IT UP!…. MOORLANDS A NICE CAMP!!!!

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