Narcissism vs Addiction…Making sure of the Diagnosis

In psychiatry we learn primary Narcissism is not really curable but can be managed including treating corollary/resulting psychiatric issues that do respond to medication, supplements, natural rememdies, exercise, etc.  But we must be careful at the primary care level to know what we are dealing with … is it primary or is it a secondary trait consequent on some other axis diagnosis such as addiction?   It is certain types of addiction that create narcissism… For example, cigarette addiction is not very likely to result in narcissism but addiction to porn, especially online, and to  hard drugs or alcohol almost always does.  Narcissists, primary or secondary to addiction exhibit the same self-centred view of life, lack of empathy, depressions etc etc.   The thing is,  if the addict will get him or herself some treatment, the narcissism commonly self-corrects.  So in all primary care visits, let us not avoid our clients’ mental health or sexuality or diet or teeth or environment… These 5 cover the gamut of root causes of every disease.  Addiction to online porn should now, in my opinion, be a standard addition to the line up of sexualtiy questions –  it is largely a  poorly acknowledged and dealth with new plague that is not really to be included in the category of therapy for sex problems but in the therapy for addictions category…sexual problems are the fallout, albeit more so than in any other addiction and it will require the same stepwise programme that form part of many addiction therapies.

Category : Men &Sex &Mental issues &Depression Posted on March 27, 2016

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