Clients & Reviews

I shall never forget the spontaneity and conviction with which you sprang into action when I was going through the crisis with(out) my daughters and one day I’d like to show the sincerity of my appreciation. – “A.N.”  Jamaica  


Dr. Lowe knows what she is doing…able to evoke the quality to which all professionals aspire: candor.  Her push, however, comes at the moments they are needed most.  Observing her professionalism inspires a desire to embody the same  -“FP”  Turkey


Susan is one of those newer-type Doctors who clearly understands that patients today are, generally, not interested in being to told what to do, but want clear and authoritative guidance, a variety of options, ethical conduct and use of discretion. She does her best to deliver. I’ve had very useful and educational exchanges with her about ‘regular’ and natural therapies and she is very comfortable with both modalities. She is a Doctor of Medicine who embraces complimentary therapies. I wish there were more like her.”  – “MG” UK


Dr. Lowe…. you have been great helping me navigate the emotional rollercoaster that I find myself in at this very trying time in my life.  Thanks for the very good listening ear, and all the wonderful advice – “JOE”, USA


“Susan worked with us this year when we encountered a recurring issue.  I am pleased to say that because of her assistance, there was motivation to resolve issues and much progress. What struck me most was how she completely zoned in on the cause of the issue from the onset and also how focused she was on being humane.  In so doing, ‘false labelling’ was avoided. Her ability to be firm yet humane and witty is amazing and I would refer anyone to her in a heartbeat.

It is my belief that we need these coaching professionals who will work with persons in a humane, respectful & thoughtful manner, the ultimate goal being the resolution of the issue and allowance of  positive and purposeful forward movement. – ” LPE”, Trinidad


Dr. Sue is an excellent medical advisor and I’m thoroughly pleased with the information to alleviate my conerns about an issue, thank you. – “FM”, USA


Dr. Susan Lowe is truly a breath of fresh air in the local medical profession.  Dr. Lowe is not afraid toembrace the holistic approach to medicine as well as incorporating nutrition and other lifestyle-related factors in her practice.  Dr. Lowe’s treatment of me has been invaluable – not sure what I would have done without her! – “KE” Jamaica


Susie was one of the primary people there for me after a very rough incident, during a critical time in my life.  I was very fortunate to walk away with few physical wounds, but the emotional ones needed to be explored and Susie helped me ensure that whatever was going on in my mind, as a result of the incident, was a normal and natural part of coping.  She also shed light on issues like sex and having relationships, topics about which I could never see my self talking to an adult.  She opened my eyes to these issues being a natural part of life’s development.

I really cherished those short sessions I had with Susie.  She opened my mind to a broader way of thinking and helped me explore what happened to me in a very professional and healthy way.  Her concern for my well being had such a strong and positive impact on me that I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Psychology – which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I would recommend Susie’s professional and open approach to anyone going through issues on which they would like to seek a professional outlook.  Her ethical and approachable practice, in my opinion, is just what would be required for someone looking for some insight. Thank you Susie for your positive impact which helped me to walk away from a difficult situation, a stronger person. – ” KD” Canada


Knowing Susan from the early days when she only had her Masters; was an active creative dancer with some “homoeopathic” tendencies and was counselling; gave me a unique insight into the maturing psyche which was to drive her back into the long process of fully mastering the medical arts.   She tried to right wrong wherever and whenever she saw it, going the extra mile against all injustice –  sometimes disquieting to those around her who would have opted just to take the easy path.

She incurred a trampoline sports injury to her neck.  She can appreciate pain and manage it – now one of her fortes.  She left the medical faculty with her colleagues probably comparing her to Linus and his blanket, except she had her ergonomic pillow in tow.  This no doubt raised her lecturers’ eyebrows on more than one occasion …  “Ms. Lowe… your question?  I can’t see you.”  She would have been asking from the floor where she was decompressing.

As a “mature” student, she qualified as a medical doctor against all odds and well meaning advice, some of her personal life flying around her like unwanted chaff; flotsam jettisoned here and there; as she “bulled” her way past all the economic, learning and physical hurdles of approaching, relative old age.  She is now a very mature, truly caring, no-nonsense, knowledgeable counsellor and an active general practitioner with well learned, alternative therapy secret weapons.  Sue – keep it up no matter what – “DQ” Jamaica


I was suffering from bad attacks of allergy which were so bad that I could not work for almost 2 weeks because my whole body would erupt in a bad rash, looking like thick weals and oozing. These attacks were triggered by a stress situation and in a matter of a few hours, my whole body would swell to the point where I could hardly see – my eyes were almost closed. The only solution seemed to be take anti-histamin and sleep it out – although with each attack, it seemed to get worse and I had to get the Doctor to give me  injections to ease it –  that is until Dr. Lowe gave me a thorough check and established that I was hyper-allergic.  She prescribed a very strict diet which would help to lower my hyper allergic state. She felt that if I followed the diet, I would also reduce the frequency of the allergy attacks.

I am delighted that having followed the diet for over a year, the number of attacks have really subsided and on the odd occasion ( 1 last year) it has been much easier to control and manage so that I was able to get over the worst after a week. Now that the chronic state seems to be in control, I am allowed to treat my soul with a glass of wine every now and then and do splurge on special occasions but by and large I stick to the diet and must say, that aside from keeping the allergy attacks at bay, I just generally feel much better.

I highly recommend Dr. Lowe, who takes a very holistic approach and takes the time to really get to the core of the problem rather than just prescribing some quick fix. With all her tips, she not only treats the medical issues but helps one to follow a much healthier life style. She challenges one to change habits, prods and encourages one and although it might seem a lot of trouble – it is really worth it and I am grateful for her care and passion.  –  “SA” Germany


I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Lowe and found that her ability to be open and frank is something I appreciated.  Her work ethic, knowledge base, ability to cross generation gaps, investigative abilities and her decisiveness are second to none.  If you want results and are willing to be open minded…. look no further.  – “EMP” USA


Hollywood stars pay tens of thousands of dollars for this type of intervention.  Most never get this depth, intensity and skill applied to their issues. – “FP” North America


Re Covid Recovery Plan: “I’ve been to every kind of specialist, you give me hope, I told my husband [another doctor] how wonderful you were!” – “DMR” Texas, USA