Susan’s (Unofficial) List of Good to Excellent Caribbean Medical Specialists & Allied Professionals

This UNOFFICIAL list, which is not exhaustive, is meant as an effort in transparency and as a ‘users’ guide’.  As they say in Jamaica, ‘no money pass’ encouraging me to include/exclude anyone.  The Caribbean, for locals and visitors alike, has no official reference system for public opinion of its practitioners.  You may call our Medical Councils to ascertain registration and hear from them if a practitioner has been reported for malpractice.  Excellence is not documented.  Furthermore, the independent  English Caribbean does not have an official registry for alternative practitioners and these people register as Allied Health Professionals if they choose to.  There are a few overtly integrative practitioners like me in Jamaica but ‘the official party line’ is that the ‘alternatives’ are on one side and ‘regulars’ the other.  Never mind that under the radar, the ‘regulars’ often make use of and refer to the ‘alternatives’ when they can’t get regular medicine to work.   Should anyone find this post to contravene any ethical, moral or legal boundary, I will happily address the matter.  Being included in or left off of this list is not meant to offend anyone as friends and ‘strangers’ like are submitted to 3 criteria which I have personally observed as a colleague/patient and I welcome their review of me:
Attitude (1 exception with explanation)
Teaching/Instruction/Knowledge sharing (ditto exception)

Even if a friend; if I have had no personal experience of him/her at work; I haven’t added the practitioner.

These people’s skill is 1st world or they are a world authority in a given area but in some cases they are hindered by 3rd world resources.  In the latter cases they do not hesitate to make connections abroad.  All have links with/were trained by/at/within 1st world associations, intstitutions, accreditation systems including Caribbean schools, etc. If only the country is listed, it represents nationality (not citizenship) and place of practice.</strong>

In no specific order:

Dr.  Diane Robertson, Integrative Pharmacist/Herbalist  & mother of Jamaican integrative practice (Jamaica)
Dr. Kim Hosein, Ophthalmologist (Trinidad)
Dr. Geoff Williams, Plastic Surgeon (Jamaica)
Dr.  S. Cawich, General Surgeon, (Belizian in Jamaica)
Dr. Mark Newnam, General Surgeon (Jamaica)
Ms. Marcia Mullings, Masseuse, Gravity Colonics, Instructor, (Belizian in Jamaica)
Dr. Ladi Doonquah, Faciomaxillary Surgeon, (Jamaica, my favourite exception. Wear your thick skin, he regards you passionately as a…say…superb Le Mans machine …that must & can be returned to and maintained in top condition…any complaints about the work will be addressed and rectified as promptly as his superhuman work schedule allows, but all communication will go through his staff, except if you are with him and conscious.  Service can be abrupt and scheduled at very odd hours. Work with it, I think.)
Dr. Lena Malinova, Neurologist (Bulgarian Jamaican)
Dr. Althea Aquart, Pulmonologist (Jamaica)
Dr. Michael Fitz-Henley, Dermatologist (Jamaica, you’ll have a wait)
Dr. Sharmaine Mitchell, Obs & Gynoe (Jamaica)
Dr. Suzanne McLennon Miguel (Jamaica, Public Servant of the Year)
Dr. K. Brown, Vet (Hungarian Jamaican)
Dr. John Gordon, Dental Surgeon (Jamaica, can do no fuss braces too)
Mr. Francis Pierre, Lab Tech., (Trinidad)
Dr. Peter Weller, Clinical Psych. (Jamaican in Trinidad)
Dr. Winston de la Haye, Psychiatrist (Jamaica, specialty in detox)
Dr. Gillian Lowe, Paedie Psych (Jamaica)
Dr. Michael Boyne, Endocrinologist (Jamaica)
Dr. Dingle Spence, Oncologist & Pain Specialist (Jamaica, wide open to integrative/alternative practice)
Messrs. Jason Kennedy & Kevin Samuels, EMTs (Jamaica)
Mr. Graeme Isaacs, Pharmacist (Jamaica, Pharmacist of the Year)
Dr. Delroy Fray, General Surgeon (Jamaica)
Dr. Michelle Monteil, Immunologist (Trinidad)

Doctors’ Surgiclinic, best little specialist hospital (Jamaica)
Cornwall Regional Paediactrics (Will not strike you as 1st world because it isn’t, but I would take my child to this Jamaican public paediatric facility.)
RK Laboratories for blood tests, etc. (Jamaica)

These people are also excellent references for other excellent people and facilities; make full use of them.

Keep some things in mind about the English Caribbean; we’re old fashioned and clients still can’t handle/see their own files (I ‘adjust’ this rule legally by sitting with clients while they or I read) and you can’t stay overnight with clients in our facilities.  Your child will also ‘turn into an adult on the dot of 13’ with no recourse to paedie services!

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