Autism, autism everywhere &….!

 There are hundreds of care givers suffering without support, not to mention those they love and care for!  Ask me and I’ll talk you through your emotions about it…and refer you to people from Jamaica to Wash DC …and be careful of over/misdiagnosis and vaccination…we simply don’t know enough/haven’t got all the facts straight yet.  You can help each other too!  You need support to deal with autism.  First deal with your own emotions and then handle the strategy and networking.


–  Try and recognise it by age three maximum, the earlier the better

– do include alternative therapies

– do detox of heavy metals

– mind Magnesium levels and the bodies ability to handle sulphur, these are frequently compromised

– there are two main teaching protocols, don’t be afraid to mix and match according to your child’s needs

– beware vaccinations

– and check out this SUPERB resource run and owned by those who live with HFA…brilliant people who have learned to deal with their own challenges and are teaching all of us!

Asperger Experts

– and see this new abstract ahead of publishing:

The Revelatory Journey of Fine Tuning the Diagnosis of an Adult Male on the Autistic Spectrum – Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism with Corollary Diagnoses –Implications for Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice

DOI: 10.7727/wimj.2017.128