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You actually know the answer…but you may be afraid of it.

Sex… 10% of your life when it goes well, 90% of your life when it goes wrong.

Blessed are the cracked
for they let in the light
(unknown source)

Pain, chronic illness and weight gain; no quick fix…BUT you can manage and master them…they are life lessons about your best self.

You really are what you eat.

‘The Force’ be with you…
– Obiwan Kenobe
It really does help! Though it has not explained why, Science has now proven that belief in a force/power greater than the self seems to enable humans to tap resources of healing and resiliance that cannot be tapped if one sees only the finite nature of life.

“Nobody has ever been able to figure me out…
to my satisfaction…”   (Me :))

Before enlightenment – chop wood, carry water
After enlightment – chop wood, carry water.
(unknown eastern source)

The Spiral is not an accident; it is a mathematical fractal which is a form repeatedly adopted by nature as the most efficient for a given purpose.  Perhaps part of  ‘the logic’ behind the Spiral is strength.  I cannot think of a spiral whose focus is entropic, it is always enthalpic…and there is no limit to the scope of its organising ability…however, the entity it creates can wreak entropy on a massive scale.  Natural spirals are an inner to outer or outer to inner trajectory but you can create a ‘double-ended’ spiral…put your fingers at the centre point of a piece of cord and twist like a fork in spaghetti…you get an organising principal that begins at the centre rather than at one end…  This eventually brings two ends closer and closer together on parallel circuits…
You have one life/existence…it goes from beginning to end…or does it …?   What if  ‘life’ is a kind of energetic ‘double ended’  spiral dimension?  Nothing ever actually touches something else so…the points at which the parallels ‘touched’ randomly formed a shortcut to the future or back to the past…a kind of wormhole?   Maybe the meditation mazes we walk haven’t got it quite right…maybe we should be able to enter one end and come out another…  Maybe the Hindus and Chinese do know something…the sacred swastika, the ying/yang circle …kundalini flow…

DNA                                          The myelin sheath
Collagen                                     Curschmann’s Spirals
Nautilus                                     Conch shells
Water down the drain                         Some leaves to stems
Some petals to flowers                       The expulsive force of the whale’s uterus on giving birth
Whirlpools                                   Hurricanes
Tornadoes                                    Some galaxies

You think sound has no effect on health?  Try this…  A member of the Krebs cycle discovery team taught me biochemistry and in one session we were treated to an unusual and attractive piece of recorded music.  Source?  The structure of a molecule of human collagen.  It turns out…that when you untwist the helical five strand structure leaving fragments of the sub-molecules that bind the the five strands…in 2D, it forms a facsimile of a musical staff (the long strands) with notes (the sub-molecular links of the strands) and sounds musical if transposed as notes!  So…if ‘we are music’…why would harmony not soothe us and cacophony and violent sound not derange us?…  And if you unravel spiral collagen and get a musical pattern…and a galaxy is a spiral…the music of the orbs/stars?

If you’re that different, you may not necessarily find a mentor…
but you could probably become one… (Me)

If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same…
– Rudyard Kipling

When you’re down to nothing…
God is up to something!

Life goes on…  Are you coming?
– Billy Rayburn@Smashwords ebooks

Lady, you need to stop your dawg pooping on my lawn
My dog doesn’t do it
Really, well why don’t I put it back where it came from and see if it fits..
-an ‘ex’ 🙂