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KINGSTON KICKS – Escapade No 1- Rockfort Mineral Baths

    HIT YOUR SIX ON ROUTE KINGSTON KICKS!!! I took myself to Rockfort Mineral Spa in the am hours and was not disappointed – quiet, simple and best of all, pristine.  Too bad they use chlorine to wash out pool Mondays because that water goes into our harbour and there are now serious, though […]

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The New Breed of Resistant Ectoparasites

Want get rid of resistant scabies, burrowing fleas, lice and the like on yourself and pets….. if you have time a hot soak with only your face sticking out of the bath water with 10 drops of clove, Olbas, eucalytous, tea tree, lavender &/or frankincense oils added, (make sure there are 20 drops total of […]

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Ballroom Dance – the Male Headspace Game Changer

I went to a Christmas afternoon do of the kind my mother used to tell me about –  a basket, ballroom dance party…probably one of the best fetes I’ll go to for the Season…courtesy of the Port Antonio amateur ballroom dance group led by a former Arthur Murray instructor.  Knock out, drop dead pool terrace […]

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From Your Brains, Bones & Blood Vessels to Your Distributor Cap… Fish Oils

It’s a general archaeological truism that Africa is the cradle of humanity, but an interesting addendum has recently been theorised…there was a particular dietary constituent that appears to have fuelled the southern African groups who became artists and explorers and some of whom eventually fanned northward into the cooler climes.  Fish…lots of this real food […]

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Miss Ivey – Jamaican Maroon Herbal Healer

Healing Herbs of Jamaica

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New Bachelor of Herbal Medicine, Jamaica

Herbal and ‘regular’ medicine resources are part of Jamaica’s great patrimony. Our soils are known to produce the best of the best from ginger to coffee and all in between. Taking this fact into account, we’re finally about to produce the English Caribbean’s first official Bach. course in herbal studies.  MSc and short courses planned […]

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Case study in brief – Coincidence, Synchronicity or Stunning Homoeopathic Resolution?

I’ve been working with a patient with deep, long-standing, mental and chronic physical issues requiring complex consideration of acute and constitutional remedies.  How to choose chicken or egg to use first was enabled by the ‘art’ of the practice.  I couldn’t be sure.  I eventually decided the person had a ‘split constitution’, (the patient, not coincidentally, […]

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Integrative Medicine & The Magic of Natural Medicine & Compounds

It saddens me that so much local, old and indigenous knowledge of healing is disappearing because I’ve been involved in experimental medicine with consenting patients recently and found the most extraordinary uses for essential oils, herbs and other natural compounds.  The thing is, although western medical sites tout some as poisonous, don’t buy it!  Many […]

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Into to Alternative Medicine…knees first

“Susan, I wouldn’t touch you with a 10 foot pole.  Unless the pain woke you out of your bed, I’d never cut your knees”, quoth the well known Jamaican orthopaed. Right Rx, but where did that leave me?  Season was coming up and I’d be at it 4hrs/day, 6 days/week.  …But I couldn’t, the pain was […]

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