The Work of a Muse…What I Love Most…..’Counselling-wise’

There are lots of ways to counsel and coach but,  like the other pages on my site suggest, I like the approach of “The Muse”.  What do I mean by this?  Well, I’ll tell you three of my favourite muse experiences.  These client situations exemplify my favourite way of working…impromtu informal

1)  A lady had marriage jitters and  asked me to spend 2 evenings at her home dispelling her fears (the marriage is going well by the way).  In the course of our exchange, she found out I know something about ballroom dance and I spent the month preparing her and her mate for the opening waltz…and he too came into the counselling exchange, realising the concerns of his prospective wife, and HE dispelled her fears…while I listened!!!

2) A lady called me to help her with her diet,  she found out I know something about writing and publishing and I helped her edit her first book over the course of 2 weeks…the book led me to her real issues…diet was the surface.

3) A client called me to help with managing chronic leg problems…I ended up providing a 2 hour overview of Jamaican herbal medicine.


Check out The Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield Thomas…here’s a ‘muse’ with a difference!