New Bachelor of Herbal Medicine, Jamaica

Herbal and ‘regular’ medicine resources are part of Jamaica’s great
patrimony. Our soils are known to produce the best of the best from ginger to coffee and all in between. Taking this fact into account, we’re finally about to produce the English Caribbean’s first official Bach. course in herbal studies.  MSc and short courses planned for later.

Now, I want to represent us well and honestly so keep in mind we’re just beginning, this course could happen anywhere between March and Sept 2012 and all may not be as smoothly planned as we’d  like…hey, this is Jamaica and part of our charm is ‘soon come’ mentality… I know, we have to fix this attitude if the world is to take us seriously in everything other than music and sports.  Keep posted for updates…and remember to keep ‘level vibes’ when you deal with Jamaican planning and scheduling ….smile …some content will be ground breaking.