Jamaica Therapy: Feelgood Getaways

Getting away from it all and ‘out of yourself’ can be a huge step in cleaning up your brain circuitry…

Rain Forest Therapy in Our Beautiful Jamaica: 

One place near the sea, one near a river…one you can stay at, one is a day trip/trip everyday…one in the northeast of Jamaica, one in the northwest of Jamaica; both are owned by vegitarians.

Pet Therapy in Our Beautiful Jamaica:

Want to get away from it all with animals and people who revere them?  Well try these places/people:

A lovely old world stable where you don’t have to be a king to enjoy the Sport of Kings, from polo lessons to just being led around by an expert.  The kids are taught the dignity and grace of the sport without snobbery and for kids with challenges such as autism, being led around on, or learning to care for, a kind and friendly animal on a regular basis seems to work wonders and is scientifically proven to do so.  In the northwest of Jamaica.


A funky, loving way to rehabilitate our stray dogs.  Voila!… Working dogs  take you for a ride  in the middle of the tropics…it’s outside the box fun on Jamaica’s north coast.


A lady and her team so dedicated to helping Jamaica manage its strays that she’s connected with a full-fledged visiting team of spayers and they can use your volunteer help in northwest Jamaica.

Alternative Spirituality in Our Beautiful Jamaica:

Whether you are Jewish or not…would you like to experience the Judaic way by the sea?  Jewish feasts are celebrated, but so is Jamaica’s Afro-Caribbean culture.  Nice mix.  I was reminded that Judaism and Africa crossed paths centuries ago in Ethiopia.  In northeast Jamaica.  Maybe you can even volunteer to help the owner with his street/drug people charity.

Natural Spa Therapy in Our Beautiful Jamaica:

There are at least 4 I know of, 3 on the south coast and one on the north.  Our claim to fame, compared to the rest of the world, is supposed to be the extraordinary variety of minerals in our ground water and its penetrative ability.  Our spas range from REALLY rustic to near elegantly informal and most have very interesting very histories.

By the way…

Are you having trouble understanding Jamaicans and their speech?  Well, a light way to break yourself in might be to read ‘Shub Down & Small-up Yuself’ by me.  See our Face Page.