Dr. CG Jung & Your Mind…An alternative approach

The daily horoscope may be nonsensical BUT the analysis of the the birth chart is a blueprint (by definition not written in stone) with which you can work. Explanation unknown, but if Carl Gustav Jung held this practice in high regard and Hippocrates claimed that no self-respecting physician could fail to acquaint him or herself with it…I can tell you, I have…  Every major culture has it’s own version, hardly a coincidence.  Dr. Jung also developed dream therapy and the concept of synchronicity.

Furthermore, if you think it would be easier to concretise or act out symbolic therapy…try a mystery school…it’s a good bet if it’s a reputable one…

I know that ‘the someone to talk to’, if (s)he is a therapist, will likely offer you cognitive therapy…it has its place, but don’t discount dream therapy and working with your birth chart…some personality types thrive on imagery, associations and investigation.  The birth chart is fun to work on, will point out things you already know about yourself, show you some remarkable associations about how and why you behave as you do and point you to what you can work on and how.  Try it, but only AFTER you do some work on yourself first.  Troubled minds can be very ‘suggestible’. I’ll guide you, but try and get a birth time…I’m not that good.