Hypochondriac…Are you or aren’t you…?

You might be hypochondriac, but then again you might not…  There are quite a few illnesses for which suffering patients get called hypochondriac…I will only list some of those I’ve experienced in my practice…and I’ll tell you…sometimes an ‘unrelated’/rare set of symptoms points to a completely undiagnosed ailment/condition or a wrongly/under treated ailment.

1) Dermatoses ranging from immune conditions to infestations
2) Headaches
3) Bladder diseases
4) Depression
5) Pain of any kind
6) Abdominal pains
7) Dietary deficiencies

Don’t be afraid to get that 2nd opinion!  Even if they won’t release your file!  If you’re a genuine case, you deserve to be heard…move on to who will listen!  Check yourself too:

1) Do you really want to get better?

2) Have you really been trying?

3) What emotional issues are you grappling with?

4) Do you need counselling?

5)  Can you take your practitioner sure fire proof?  Like your husband’s video of your trance, for example, or some research you’ve done on your condition.

Don’t give up……!!!!!!!!