Integrative Medicine & The Magic of Natural Medicine & Compounds

It saddens me that so much local, old and indigenous knowledge of healing is disappearing because I’ve been involved in experimental medicine with consenting patients recently and found the most extraordinary uses for essential oils, herbs and other natural compounds. 

The thing is, although western medical sites tout some as poisonous, don’t buy it!  Many of these old herbs and compounds are far less poisonous and more effective than they would have us believe.  In addition, they can be used in unimagined ways and body places so long as medical and hygiene guide lines (in some cases as near to sterile conditions as possible) as strictly followed….just like ‘regular medicine’ has guide lines.  You can treat most anything with it.   Often the amounts are minute and the process of cure is not over night and could be viewed as cumbersome or messy, but if ‘regular medicine’ fails to put one out of one’s misery, the alternative way might be the only option.  Examples  range from hydrogen peroxide and essential oils internally to powdered elements topically.  For example, hydrogen peroxide for resistant cystitis and sulphur internally and externally for acne.  And YES, they can work alongside modern medicine.  A good integrative practitioner could change your life!!!  I can tell you if I’ve found it out, it’s out there, lurking, but the atmosphere in which ‘regular medicine’ is practised today makes people shut up.