You & Your Daemon-Muse

Like most things in life, there are two sides to everything.  Ignore your Daemon-Muse’s inspirations at your peril.  (Notice the double-barrel name, a good side and a bad, added together – neutral, like money for example.)  Even the word daemon is dual, entails something so wonderfully powerful that if not managed correctly can wreak havoc, it is not just ‘demon’ which is a word meaning ‘evil’. 

I first really sat and thought about how inspiration works after hearing Elizabeth Gilbert, of Eat, Love, Pray fame, talk.  Inspiration often comes in spurts and is tied to your gut passions and talents.   These are given to you for a reason, they keep you young at heart, your health good, your mind less demented and can put serious income in your pocket!   If you do take your daemon-muse for granted or ignore it, it will come back to haunt you…  You become sad, no passion in your gut, go through life in penury, never find love, feel you are not achieving and can get into drugs and alcohol!  It’s that serious. 

Do you feel any of the latter?  Despair not!  The place to start finding your daemon-muse(s) is in your childhood daydreams.  These too have a serious purpose.  They are your guide to what you should do for the rest of your earthly life.  Some people make a career of their daemon-muse, others don’t want that stress and have it as a wonderful sideline recreation.  It matters not what it is…could be dance, money management, manufacture, inventions, sex…whatever, there are no rules except that the deamon-muse be used for your own and the good of others…you’re on your way! 

You think the latest vogue in vision boards and mind movies is an accident?  Look again…when you make yours…tell me you don’t see at least one of your childhood daydreams re-appear. 

Get any help you can to nurture this stuff, it is critical to your existence!  A word of warning –  if you have many gifts and talents (daemon-muses) you will likely have to work for yourself or change careers/occupations more often than most…one job or career may not be able to contain all of you…do not be afraid to this either, check out Leonardo da Vinci or Albert Schweitzer…it’s usually referred to as ‘genius’ (not by accident a synonym for daemon) and you may be one!  And daemon-muses respond very well to spirituality, however you partake of this concept.