The New “F” Word


Breaking News…..!!!!!   Have you heard ‘the Gospel of the New ‘F’ Word’???  (Come now you conservatives, I mean you no offense, but I’m sure the Lord has a sense of humour because we were made with one)……This was read by the head usher to a much beloved rector on the occasion of his leaving to oversee another ‘flock’…hopefully to take there as well, the message that men must be allowed to think like men in order to evolve…

The Gospel According to Stafford VS1 Ch1

The new ‘F’ word in at least one Church is “Forgive”.

 “So it may be fitting, as per info passed on by Stafford and here’s hoping that I am not offending you, that before you go, you ask all of us to turn to the one beside us and say “I F-You”. You might even wish to take it a little further by asking them to look down the aisle and say “I F-everybody”. Some might even text their EXs and say “I F-You”.  Inculcate in us, Monsignor, the need to ‘F’ all and, it is our wish, that one of your Legacies at your new parish, St. Richards, will be the same ‘F’ word as it is paramount that we always ‘Forgive’ our neighbors as we forgive ourselves. Right? Amen

IN LOVE AND LIGHT….and thank you Stafford..”