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Coach Justin's new book

Long overdue, Jamaica is taking preventive medicine most seriously via sports medicine because we’ve suddenly found ourselves to be world class in this arena!  Here, finally, is a book by a Jamaican, sadly, up to now, always abroad as our best educated often are, but it’s a start.  The thing is, we need to get our 3 Rs up to par with out medal winning on track so that people like Mills and Bolt can write or help write and not be written for…that’s the thing!  Bolt himself says he’s ‘not a reader’ so there has to be two sides to every story…we still need Caribbean readers and writers!

So here it is! We’re at the start!   Jamaican Justin Cresser, a  football coach and strength and conditioning trainer,  has written ” Total Soccer Conditioning: A  Ball-Oriented Approach”