Having Fun & Playing

Laughter IS  the best medicine!  There is the man who is on medical record as having cured himself with it…went to bed with a mound of funny movies for 2 weeks and came out well…and the the same institutuions associated with the Framingham Heart study are the same ones who’ve hired laughter therapists.  It’s even in the Bible … a man fell asleep and dropped out of a two strory window listening to one of  St. Paul’s usual lengthy diatribes, Jesus blighted a fig tree because He got hungry and there weren’t any figs on it and somewhere in it there is something about “lack of mirth ‘dryingeth’ the bones” ..So… here are my suggestions:


May not make you laugh but you might smile a lot and it’s often free…
Grab the world’s most delicious fruit smoothie and head to the beach or river banks nearest you…  Not a r
ecovering addict?  Then you can go with a great bottle of wine. Take a friend/confidante or take it all in by yourself….the river is white noise and the sea is pink noise….see my SCUBA post …and the air is negatively ionised in natural settings…great for health.  Remember it’s often the child in you that laughs.


Yes, Minister/Prime Minister
Allo Allo
As Time Goes By
The Gods Must Be Crazy
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
The Great Race
Disney cartoons
The Lion d’Or Advertising Awards composites
Paul Keens Douglas
Russell Peters
Victor Borge
Tom Lehrer
Benny Hill
Sesame Street
MASH (the funny episodes)
Art Linkletter


Works by Louise Bennett
The Lunatic
The Hyman Kaplan books
Three Years to Play
The Dr. Seuss books
Andy Kapp comics
Peanuts comics
The Wizard of Id comics
Works by Stephen Leacock
Works by Edward Lear
Collections of limericks
A Year in Provence
A Year (More or Less) in Jamaica
My Family & Other Animals
MASH (the first 2 books only)
All Things Bright & Beautiful
All Creatures Great & Small
Children’s Letters to God
The Joyful Christ: The Healing Power of Humor
(for those struggling with Christianity as a really human thing)