The New Breed of Resistant Ectoparasites

Want get rid of resistant scabies, burrowing fleas, lice and the like on yourself and pets…..

if you have time a hot soak with only your face sticking out of the bath water with 10 drops of clove, Olbas, eucalytous, tea tree, lavender &/or frankincense oils added, (make sure there are 20 drops total of any of the above, stronger if you can stand it) 1/2 hour then bathe with Canadian Orange Force biodegradable ‘everything cleaning substance’, (feel free to mix it with sulphur powder till a tiny precipitate seen and your own fresh urine for the ammonia factor which is lethal to mites) and spray yourself with original recipe Listerine…  If no time just shower and shampoo with Orange Force and spray on listerine afterwords.  You can then use Avon Skin So Sof, BioOil or a mix of virgin coconut and lavendar oils if you’re accustomed to moisturising after bath (optional but sulphur can be drying) and do use black castor oil to condition your hair because it makes hair grow AND kills mites (don’t be afraid of the 10 mins or so of itching scalp while the mites are being killed) guaranteed dead ducks provided you get rid of offending fomites and wash everything after one use/wear and UV/boil (like bras) them for a while.  Bras will be destroyed so buy cheap ones while treating.

Why does this work?  The oils for the bath drive the critters out of your pores and the tea tree kills em…  Orange Force is lethal to them because of of it’s gentle-to-you sulphonation.  Listerine’s recipe is lethal to them and as you know Skin So Sof is a famous critter killer….  Welcome back to normalcy…depending on length/degree of affectation…1 week to a year for cure.   (Add ivomectin if you feel suicidal…)