The Shift – some personal stories of transition

I have understood that the western horoscope birth chart is real – a  blueprint, but Vedic & Chinese charts are more accurate even.  Day to day western horoscopes have yet to convince me.  There’s a catch to using the western birth chart.   If you know the negatives predicted by them, in my experience, they can implant and self-fulfill.  Don’t seek the chart, if a skilled and trusted practitioner should tell you (s)he can help you, ask for your positives only and let him/her work to help you with the negatives such that you don’t know what they are but are being helped anyway, via prayer or life advice.

Re the practitioner him/herself, (s)he gets caught, it’s almost too much knowledge …in the sense of don’t touch the tree of knowledge… every single GREAT western practitioner has had SERIOUS Achilles’ heels…Jung, Goodman, Hippocrates, you name them…so I am finished with my personal quest with it and sealed or burned the findings and now look to ‘the Force’ of the Universe only …to me…God.

Two weeks after an unusual sequence of events I got a feeling I should go out into the demi moonlight and sit on my favourite garden wall.  I looked up and, dead overhead, my sign and rising planet in conjunction, and I knew two things, a) it would be just about midnight 2) the heavenly body and constellation ‘were crossing something’…I checked it all out later and was right, at midnight, Dec 2/3 the rising planet crossed the ecliptic (?).  I checked astronomically, not astrologically…I have chosen never to know if this event/transit has a meaning…

When I had looked up, I was called to say the Our Father and meditate.  It was one of my two most ‘shiftingly’ powerful meditations…water, not light, poured down into my chakra system, and much as I asked where the light was, none came, the water kept pouring…and my Guardian Angel (yep, ‘he’ has a name which I don’t write) rose up to monstrous size behind me, not frightening, the vision was given to me in dimensions that weren’t fearsome.  He was there ‘to get my back while the cleansing occurred’…apparently being cleaned spiritually also leaves you ‘naked’ a while…  I have since meditated a few more times and my last meditation was a breakthrough…I saw my electric blue dot for the first time in roughly 10 years.

On a more physical note…I wonder if we have understood the literal meaning of the planetary ‘line up’ correctly….Look at coordinates 78:18 about 3.30pm Dec 22 (what’s a day when you’re calculating millenia, remember the Mayans had to make up the solar cycle the way we use a leap year :)) 2012….the heavenly bodies look virtually stitched into a perfect swath on the ecliptic…is this a coincidence?  See it below…

I wish you an awakening at ‘the Shift’…the Mayan calendar marks it and so does the Chinese according to which latter, we are at the end of the longest ‘out of synch’ calendar cycle that Chinese time measurement can register…it’s a 60 year cycle in which elements are mostly incompatible  and that comes around once every however often…so I wish you smooth sailing, fair winds and following seas…THE TIME IS NOW…do something special tomorrow…for yourself…anything from a relaxing walk, to meditation, to thanking someone, to leaving life as we holy fools understand it…

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