KINGSTON KICKS – Escapade No 1- Rockfort Mineral Baths

Rockfort Mineral Spa, Jamaica




I took myself to Rockfort Mineral Spa in the am hours and was not disappointed – quiet, simple and best of all, pristine.  Too bad they use chlorine to wash out pool Mondays because that water goes into our harbour and there are now serious, though slightly more costly, natural antimicrobials/fungicides.  Anyway, by Wednesday all trace of chlorine gone and they don’t chlorinate water obviously…they’re sure heading in the right direction down there…some staff very responsive, service oriented and helpful others the usual Jamaican ‘worksworths’.  And now to the pool, facilities and experience.

Pool: Crystal clear and clean

Ladies and gents, we’re missing a trick –  among highest, safe level mineral and conductivity ratings on earth.   This means take all your immune dermatological ailments there, take your joint ailments there, take your bottles to collect the BEST kind of alkaline water there for your internal ailments drinking a glass a day (no more, too much of anything good for nothing!).  Our rocks are estimated 6 x more conductive (magnetic activity) than most places on earth (In the early days of Jamaican radio, Radio Jamaica & Rediffusion engineers had to set up 6 x more relay equipment than elsewhere on earth to counter it and Portland (thank heavens) has still not been fully conquered by wireless)

The conductivity rating is 915 ms/m (permeation of your body)

The Sulphur rating is 400 mg/L  (skin magic)

The Magnesium is 124 mg/L (provided conductivity drives it in, asthma, pregnancy, autism and Lord- he- knows- what -else this-newly ‘re-discovered’ -miracle- mineral- that- is- now- acknowledged-sadly- lacking-in-diets-worldwide might help with)

Bicarbonate 227 CaCo3/L (your internal alkaline water magic, here properly buffered and not just so-so alkalinity, even so the heap of minerals can become a circulatory plaque base if you overdo it.  Best alkaline water available)

Silicon Dioxide 28.5 mg/L (1.5 mg below the magical point at which mineral water taken internally chelates harmful absorbed aluminium dramatically-pots and pans, deodorant, vaccines, baking powder, cocoa, etc etc., so I think regular temperate intake must still be helpful at these levels.)

Try it some time….

Facilities:  JA$350 and can be booked out.  Shallow throughout pool with 3 headwater spouts

Public side lovely and clean but private baths still unusable (they look too ‘medicinal’ today as well, need a more organic ‘spa’ oriented facelift).  Wed mornings best, ‘schoolers’ not yet there (even so they are separated off from adults when they do converge).  Take your bottles and collect your medicinal alkaline water 100% made in Jamaica at the head spring spouts.

Experience:  low key, folksy and very comfortable old time Jamaican and 100% best in the world primary product (again!)  The European Bads all have their fabulous brass and crystal bars for ‘taking their waters’, which ain’t up to ours, I saw one in Germany…   Could we ‘fancy up’ ours just a little…not too much…along the lines somebody like Chris Blackwell would do it…:)

TEL 1 876 938 5055

Stay tuned for Escapade No. 2 this month….