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Learning to Love Yourself More – OnlineCounsellingJamaica, Branson Mentor, on Weekend Smile TVJ

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Moorlands Summer Camps Jamaica – “INDEED I KNOW IT, KNOW IT….” :) !!

  INDEED I KNOW IT, KNOW IT… ….. OnlineCounsellingJamaica and Moorlands Summer Camps joined up to produce a medic christened SYRINGE @ the 14- 15 camp!  Well, I’m telling you … Syringe got as much out of it as the kids! J  This place is THE cure for over civilisation and just may be the […]

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Sexual Abuse of Children

Women Entrepreneurs join forces in business for a good cause – the fight against child sexual abuse

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Face Depression Jamaica Launch

Jamaica has a depression problem that is finally coming to light. Face Depression Jamaica is one arm of the effort to meet our challenge and is being launched July 26, 2016 at Spanish Court … FREE… So go! You are not alone!

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Beating Porn Addiction

The best way to beat porn addiction is to prevent it

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Oxytocin…We’re Missing a Trick!

The Myriad Uses of Oxytocin for Psycho-physiological Disorders

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Ketamine for Severe Depression

A new use for the the anaesthetic drug ketamine… disruption of the psycho-physiology of depression! From the Washington Post

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Narcissism vs Addiction…Making sure of the Diagnosis

In psychiatry we learn primary Narcissism is not really curable but can be managed including treating corollary/resulting psychiatric issues that do respond to medication, supplements, natural rememdies, exercise, etc.  But we must be careful at the primary care level to know what we are dealing with … is it primary or is it a secondary […]

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Wine & A Little Sex! TICKETS NOW ON SALE! A Romantic and Exclusive Approach to Your Sexual Health

      TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!! AT UNCORKED WINE BAR & BISTRO SOVEREIGN NORTH, 29 BARBICAN RD, KGN 6, JAMAICA OR FROM ME CATCH US ON NEWSTALK FM 93 NOV 5 7.45.AM ….CALL IN WE’VE GOT A GIVE AWAY!!   Wine & a Little Sex Tickets now on sale for OnlineCounsellingJamaica’s unique contribution to […]

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Depression is the Demon -Taking the Beast by the Horns- Moving into the Light‏

Why am I writing this to about 200 of you at Christmas?  Because it’s the right time to save a life.  There are 2 major spikes in Jamaica – Christmas and birthdays.  Since the advent of the Valentine’s rubbish from the USA, we’ve started to acquire this date as another spike. The tool below was […]

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