From Your Brains, Bones & Blood Vessels to Your Distributor Cap… Fish Oils

It’s a general archaeological truism that Africa is the cradle of humanity, but an interesting addendum has recently been theorised…there was a particular dietary constituent that appears to have fuelled the southern African groups who became artists and explorers and some of whom eventually fanned northward into the cooler climes.  Fish…lots of this real food […]

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Fruit, Veggies & Pesticides….Not a Love Triangle

Twenty-odd years ago while I was an Environmental Studies student at the U. of Waterloo, Canada; the faculty included Club of Rome types and consultants to the FAO.  They made predictions that have come true.  But they weren’t really predictions.  There was a pattern they realised was taking shape in an albeit philanthropic atmosphere. After […]

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Dominica is Organic

The island of Dominica, West Indies, besides being a holiday jewel, has declared itself a fully organic agricultural producer…stem to stern…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Food Production

Check out the movie ‘The Future of Food’. Scary stuff, but we can change it one person at a time. It’s on Facebook too.

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Food Labelling

Crafty Food Labeling Tricks the Industry Hopes You NEVER Learn… Posted By Dr. Mercola | April 20 2011 What’s the first thing you need to know about reading food labels? Too often, people with the best of intentions don’t realize that unless you read the entire label, you’re not going to get a true […]

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