Curing Depression

We doctors and therapists call our approach the ‘bio-psycho-social model’ which is to say……you will need the following tools to help cure yourself of depression:

– the will to get better

– someone to talk to

– medication (be careful of this) or natural rememdies (get to know that these are drugs too)

– faith (if you leave this one out, you are at a scientifically proven statistical disadvantage for a       
cure,but you can trick yourself into ‘faith’ by meditating because you will not be able to avoid 
     running into ‘the Force’, God, Universal Mind or whatever you feel comfortable calling this
     entity when you pick up this practice, even if you are an aetheist.  At the ‘still point’ of
     meditation you will run into something greater than yourself)

– a new challenge to stimulate your mind (it rewires the brain, distracts you from yourself and
     your woes, eg., learning a new skill, taking up a new practice of any kind…meditation rears its
     head again…SCUBA is remarkable for those inclined, the regular breathing becomes a calmant.
Must be new, require focus & learning & must be something you like, can be easy or hard)

– excercise & diet & fun (e.g., masses of sugar makes you sluggish, an increase in trace minerals may
     perk you up)

– sleep hygiene

You may not do all of these  at once but work them in as you are able.  So feel free to call me.

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