Your Sexual Orientation – ‘Finding Your North’

Yes, about your sexual orientation…quit killing-up yourself over it…YOU ARE NORMAL…just ‘minority normal’…or in scientific terms ‘a standard deviation’…and ‘deviation’ here has nothing to do with depravity; it’s a scientific term that means you don’t fit under the bell of the bell curve, i.e., you are the ‘outliers’ of what is NORMAL! You are to the heterosexual population what left-handers are to right-handers…91% right-handers, 9% left-handers. We now know they’re not aberrants and not to try and change them over…they’re a normal ‘variation on a theme’…for you musicians…(and did you ever notice that among left-handers & homosexuals there is a disproportionately high number of geniuses?) Unfortunately, approach to sexuality is the reverse. Being homosexual was never a big deal until the mid 1800’s.  In fact, lesbian cohabitation was called a ‘Boston Marriage’ in this city in the US at around this date.  Nobody was trying to change over anybody. Then something happened around the time of Oscar Wilde’s imprisonment and nothing has been the same since. Great shame, really…

Now we have EVERYBODY flaunting sexuality like it’s some forbidden fruit given us by aliens. Just find some place on the planet where you’re comfortable with yourself and live your life however it makes you happy without hurting yourself or others. Did you read that last sentence?  Good…just as with heterosexuals…you are not allowed to go converting fence-sitters or those who have yet to find ‘their north’ OR involving minors in your affairs in today’s day and age. Yes, yes, I know…up to the 1600’s they weren’t minors; menses meant adulthood…not so today…so accept this fact. The mind is taking longer to mature because there is simply way more stuff that it has to process on the road to adulthood! Furthermore, hetero-, homo- or crossexual; unless you are aberrant; you cannot possibly need more than 3 lovers! It was the rare cave man that had more…and (s)he was Mankind in its most natural state. AND I DON’T GIVE 2 FARTHINGS WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY… USE A CONDOM!!! JUST AS THE YOUNG ARE NO LONGER SOCIALLY VIABLE AS ADULTS AT THE ONSET OF MENSES AND VOICE CHANGE; YOU CANNOT GO AROUND WITHOUT A CONDOM…END OF STORY…DON’T ARGUE WITH ME!!

At any one time, fully 5% to 10% of the world’s population is homosexual (don’t ask me where my old psych. prof. got this stat.) and then there is another bunch of ‘facultatives’ (like a right-hander who has to learn to use his left-hand if the right doesn’t function…he’s still a righty by birth). These people move ‘back and forth’ … the relationship can override the sexuality.  Sexuality is actually a continuum of orientation…anywhere from heteros who have homo fantasies to homos with hetero fantasies and everything in between, further clouded by hormonal and genetic issues including brains that don’t match bodies, frank hermaphrodites…etc. Look here, nature is NORMALLY full of variation, there are exceptions to every rule…THIS IS LIFE! So for God’s sake don’t sweat what you THINK you are…find someone to talk to who can help you find your little place in the sun that doesn’t harm you or others. True, harder in some places than others…

Update 24/9/18

I never knew how right I was!!!  They taught us rubbish in med school about human sexuality!   It really is a continuum to the point where some populations make room for homosexual/heterosexual shift as a normal right of passage.  Once we start boxing and pigeonholing that’s when the extremism comes out.   I’ve learned more about this in dealing with HIV clients that anywhere else and unless the world’s public health systems start taking into account the true nature of sexual variation we will contine to ‘dig horrors’ with HIV.  Imagine the facilitator of a  Health e Foundation seminar cutting off an HIV seminar guest who was asked to explain the medics how he viewed his own fluid sexuality “because it wasn’t the time/place/ point of the seminar’!!!!… It’s late people and the night gets darker …. wake up!  Fluid sexuality is not about depravity… it’s about finding ‘your true north’…where your soul is at rest.

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