HIT YOUR 6 ON ROUTE KINGSTON KICKS!!! Escapade No. 6 – Little Freebies at SWISS STORES F&B

Getting their KICKS at Swiss Stores F & B
Getting their KICKS at Swiss Stores F & B

Ah me Christmas cometh…YAHOO, I really like it because I don’t shop :). Anyway, this stop – Swiss Stores FB bar/cafeteria downtown, the idea of Bangueter, the Nephew – if you haven’t already. I held off on this till they fixed up their parking…and they have…sooo…may I invite you down between 11.00 am and noon on Sat Nov 30? True it’s not free fare but it won’t break you and you can order as much or little as you like – Silverhill brewed coffee, basic teas (EBreakfast, EGray & Mint) hard drinks and wine and light fare – and to sweeten the deal and entice you downtown because this is what KINGSTON KICKS IS ABOUT..(rely on it, if we don’t take it back, hooligans will continue claiming it and a few local stalwarts and bright foreigners (Digicel) will reap all the benefits as they maintain their/take a stand)…I’ll give away 4 copies of my new book YU GET JOOK! DIARIES OF A JAMAICAN MEDIC and offer free medical chat…notice the latter word; I can’t prescribe, offer formal second opinions, sign documents, deal with emergencies, etc in this setting…more like…everything you ever wanted to ask a doctor and didn’t. And I won’t answer any emailed questions either! The idea is to give you reason to come downtown and look around again…

SWISS STORES has a history with us as one of our foremost luxury businesses…they’ve crafted many a gift for VIPs and celebrities worldwide. My favourite is the lignum vitae amethyst broach that went to the Queen Mum (hope SS and the crafter finally split the copyright in equal measure, was a big hullabaloo) and then there’s the story of my mother’s engagement diamond. Yes, today some of us prefer checking the provenance of the jewellery we wear but in Mum’s day it was just a happy business to give your gal her engagement ring. Bought at Swiss Stores, wherever she went around the globe with proud Pops, from Asia to meeting Princie in the UK, there were those in the know who commented “Madame, that is a beautiful piece, where did you acquire it?” Notice the terminology at this level…not “Wow, where did you buy that?” Now, it was not any gigantic rock but read into the former question the following, as they further intimated to Mum…a truly flawless stone (credit the SS buyer) with a world class exquisitely executed brilliant cut (credit the SS craftsmen). I can tell you …I remember it as a real rainbow flasher. In fact, the 2nd time she licked it out of its setting in a night time driveway, that’s how Pops found it for her; it gave a brilliant flash in the beam of the torch. She licked it out a total of 4 times and on the fourth lost it…luckily eons into their long marriage.

Directions: Drive down Church St to corner of Water Lane and there’s the new little parking lot just behind Swiss Stores.  Click to see their page:


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