HIT YOUR SIX ON ROUTE KINGSTON KICKS – ESCAPADE No. 8 – HASHING IN JAMAICA – Get your fresh air, Make friends & Explore (nearly free :))

Have you ever ‘Hashed’?  Plenty of camaraderie, easy going exploration and fresh air quite cheaply…ballpark JA$600.  Exertion levels are graded so check with the ‘lead hares’ or website to see if the month’s tour is for you.  Depending on how far afield you go, costs rise or fall.  You wouldn’t believe the kind of people you buck up on these outings …and even the few profilers can’t bother with profiling on these tours :).  It’s been around since at least 1998 and this is RUN 411!

I’m dealing with those tours around Kingston, usually least expensive and as with all ‘Hashing’ – must go and come in a day.  It is also known that you shouldn’t really be dug out of bed at an ungodly hour on a Sunday.  The ones in Kingston might (click green) start out of Stony Hill, ( like this month’s one to Struan Castle), Jack’s Hill, Long Mountain, Hellshire…that kind of thing – can start as a trail out of somebody’s backyard if it’s one of the older rural St. Andrew homes, for example – an extension of where Kingstonians might go any given Sunday for a day outing…my favourite Kingston one was the ruinate around Strawberry Hill and then we ate back all the calories at Cafe Blue roadside :)….at our own expense.  So go mini walkabout around Kingston, get your exercise with friends and breathe fresh air on ‘Hash’.

Truth is, 1/2 of us don’t know what’s in Kingston, much less Jamaica….or the value of what we have…

Struan Castle Grounds, St. Andrew
Struan Castle Grounds, St. Andrew

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