Thank You for Visiting OnlineCounsellingJamaica! Gratitude is Viral…..

If you want proof that gratitude and good will is viral, look no further than Silicon Valley.  Below is a Facebook stat showing the reach of  some of my posts and their ‘virality’ (nearly died of laughter when I saw this word! :)) Anyway, the point is, anytime I’ve said ‘thank you’ to a ‘Liker’,  given kudos or something away, ‘reach’ and ‘virality’ stats have shot up….& I’m happy to see a really relevant condom ad was the only exception ROAR :)!!!

So…take gratitude and ‘thank you’ with you everywhere and know that the web is like money, neither good nor bad, but if you spread ‘thanks’ on it….it’s all good.  Therefore acknowledge, compliment and thank…you know …all the old Dale Carnegie stuff…it’s all part of the Law of Attraction.

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Gratitude & Thanks are viral ….According to the Laws of Attraction & even Facebook

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