The Midwest Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Town Hall Meeting-Chicago

A complete Franco-Hispano-Anglo Americas Caribbean Panel
HIV Town Hall Chicago on CAN TV

The wonderful Franco-anglo-hispanic panel I sat on

My panel is ‘four videos long’ on my Youtube channel, OnlineJamaica.
With the kind assistance of the Midwest Caribbean American Association, I was here on a panel to bring a perspective directly from one of the English Caribbean territiory’s governments and its foremost learning institution, The University of the West Indies.

Two of the the day’s events were documented in seven 15 min videos on Youtube and below is the 4th in the series – the first pertaining to the panel in which I took part. It was such a good feeling being part of something so universally Caribbean – I’d never been to a forum in which all the Caribbean’s base cultures were represented – GREAT LEADERSHIP on the part of the Midwest Caribbean Assoc.  We need FAR more of it, in every sphere & walk of Caribbean life!  The other play list documents David Robertson’s presentation (3 videos long) – a quite remarkable young  man & HIV/AIDS survivor. He got me, first and foremost proving to me, Carolyn Myss’s theory that HIV/AIDS is a disease of victims…this young man has left the victim role…and most look like him once they’ve turned their barks on the victim role…sometimes it takes a long time and some never make it…but those who do, laugh, smile are smart & warm & reach out way beyond themselves. And we uninfected people really buy into the victim business because I remember being stunned at what those who were leading happy, fulfilled lives looked like despite the expected percentage who succumbed to the cushingoid habitus.  There was even a happy-go-lucky little fellow who was 23 and diagnosed at 2 years…it’s with us People, we could as well all ‘get with the programme’!  Real love and respect and safe sex…




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