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Oxytocin…We’re Missing a Trick!

The Myriad Uses of Oxytocin for Psycho-physiological Disorders

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Ketamine for Severe Depression

A new use for the the anaesthetic drug ketamine… disruption of the psycho-physiology of depression! From the Washington Post

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Birth of Another Jamaican Natural Cancer Cure…& hopefully not intellectual property robbery again…

I will recall and apologise for this story if untrue but the truth is some exposure of this story is the best protection our subject has for his intellectual property right now. I will call him Andrew.    This gentleman from the south of Jamaica is currently in the States being tested by the National Institute […]

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Human Micromyaisis – YOU ARE NOT PSYCHOTIC! IT’S REAL!

The human micromyaisis scourge is an often misdiagnosed, world wide, orphan medical condition.  It is all over the web mostly from self help, seriously knowledgable sufferers and way too little scientific/academic info on consolidated sites.  There are hundreds and thousands of sufferers but the dermatologists, GPs, parasitologists of academia and family practitioners are largely at […]

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HIT YOUR 6 ON ROUTE KINGSTON KICKS!!! Escapade # 12 – AVOIDING The Rise of the Viruses – & the Ones Looming Over Jamaica – Some Really Clear Information


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Wine & A Little Sex! TICKETS NOW ON SALE! A Romantic and Exclusive Approach to Your Sexual Health

      TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!! AT UNCORKED WINE BAR & BISTRO SOVEREIGN NORTH, 29 BARBICAN RD, KGN 6, JAMAICA OR FROM ME CATCH US ON NEWSTALK FM 93 NOV 5 7.45.AM ….CALL IN WE’VE GOT A GIVE AWAY!!   Wine & a Little Sex Tickets now on sale for OnlineCounsellingJamaica’s unique contribution to […]

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Interstitial Cystitis – Natural Therapy for Interstitial & other Cystitis? Snippets of a SoSa Presentation

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

OnlineCounsellingJamaica has instigated and is collaborating with the Hyperbaric Unit of the University of the West Indies Marine Lab to carry our Jamaica’s 1st trial of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for stroke rehabilitation based on a Cuban model.  The project should go on till Jan 2014 and is a fully, vertically integrated effort.  The case has […]

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Talk on New Alternative Treatment Trials for Interstitial Cystitis Nov 22, 2013 at the SOSA Conference in Jamaica

I can’t tell you if I’ve invented a cure or not, but I’ve had good success with a somewhat cumbersome system of natural therapy for women at the ends of their rope with interstitial cystitis so I’m giving a talk on it at the University of  the West Indies MonaVisitor’s Lodge on November 22, 2013.   […]

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Have You Ever Thought of the Arts as Mental Health Therapy? They are…

Click the academic finding below…it’s a study about how the Arts help Jamaican inner city youth overcome their circumstances… “Theatre – Arts Pedagogy f or S ocial J ustice : Case Study of the Area Youth Foundation in Jamaica”

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