Sexual Abuse of Children

Women Entrepreneurs join forces in business for a good cause – the fight against child sexual abuse

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Beating Porn Addiction

The best way to beat porn addiction is to prevent it

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Narcissism vs Addiction…Making sure of the Diagnosis

In psychiatry we learn primary Narcissism is not really curable but can be managed including treating corollary/resulting psychiatric issues that do respond to medication, supplements, natural rememdies, exercise, etc.  But we must be careful at the primary care level to know what we are dealing with … is it primary or is it a secondary […]

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Wine & A Little Sex! TICKETS NOW ON SALE! A Romantic and Exclusive Approach to Your Sexual Health

      TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!! AT UNCORKED WINE BAR & BISTRO SOVEREIGN NORTH, 29 BARBICAN RD, KGN 6, JAMAICA OR FROM ME CATCH US ON NEWSTALK FM 93 NOV 5 7.45.AM ….CALL IN WE’VE GOT A GIVE AWAY!!   Wine & a Little Sex Tickets now on sale for OnlineCounsellingJamaica’s unique contribution to […]

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Ballroom Dance – the Male Headspace Game Changer

I went to a Christmas afternoon do of the kind my mother used to tell me about –  a basket, ballroom dance party…probably one of the best fetes I’ll go to for the Season…courtesy of the Port Antonio amateur ballroom dance group led by a former Arthur Murray instructor.  Knock out, drop dead pool terrace […]

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Condition Yourself for an Active Life!

Long overdue, Jamaica is taking preventive medicine most seriously via sports medicine because we’ve suddenly found ourselves to be world class in this arena!  Here, finally, is a book by a Jamaican, sadly, up to now, always abroad as our best educated often are, but it’s a start.  The thing is, we need to get […]

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Your Barometer – A Men’s Mid-Life Marriage Counselling Cheat Sheet

Gentlemen, want to check the condition of your marriage/partnership relations?  Here’s a little litmus paper.  All welcome to adapt.  It’s just that I know men really like quick, short and sweet regarding their internal lives so here’s my offering:

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The Condom Revisited…an appeal

Condom issues could be posted in the Sex department BUT I’m making a personal appeal to men to consider this post.  Let me tell you what I know up front…if within your first few sex acts you didn’t get introduced to condom use, the horse is more or less through the gate.  You will find […]

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Men & Marriage/Civil Union

Gentlemen, are you getting married/united or thinking about it…?  Might I suggest that if you have never had the literal thought (or some version of it) “I want to spend the rest of my life with this person/I don’t want to live without this person/I cannot not be with this person”,  to paraphrase Fagin, “I […]

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Men, Get Yourself Some Help!

Yes, I’m talking to you men… You were the inspiration for this site because half of you refuse to get yourself mental or physical help…so you can talk to me using your favourite gadget in relative anonymity, ask even ‘dumb’ questions and be a ‘weakling’ if you feel like it; your mother is not the only […]

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