Men & Marriage/Civil Union

Gentlemen, are you getting married/united or thinking about it…?  Might I suggest that if you have never had the literal thought (or some version of it) “I want to spend the rest of my life with this person/I don’t want to live without this person/I cannot not be with this person”,  to paraphrase Fagin, “I think you better think it out again!”  Not saying you shouldn’t continue a relationship, just nothing sanctioned by church/law. 

I would say it’s fairly well known in counselling of couples that if the male entity…not necessarily the female entity…does not think like this; it is a statistically high indicator that rough times will sunder the union.  You know very well nature hates a vacuum, even in homosexual relationships there is a male/female dynamic.  

And think about this…apart from the ‘politics of the condom’…in ‘developed’ society are we now facing a widespread dilemma regarding whether men prefer a woman who is financially dependent and emotionally independent vs. one who is financially independent and one who is emotionally dependent?  Which are you dealing with?  Is it appropriate for you?  Can balance be achieved?

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