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From Your Brains, Bones & Blood Vessels to Your Distributor Cap… Fish Oils

It’s a general archaeological truism that Africa is the cradle of humanity, but an interesting addendum has recently been theorised…there was a particular dietary constituent that appears to have fuelled the southern African groups who became artists and explorers and some of whom eventually fanned northward into the cooler climes.  Fish…lots of this real food […]

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Condition Yourself for an Active Life!

Long overdue, Jamaica is taking preventive medicine most seriously via sports medicine because we’ve suddenly found ourselves to be world class in this arena!  Here, finally, is a book by a Jamaican, sadly, up to now, always abroad as our best educated often are, but it’s a start.  The thing is, we need to get […]

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SCUBA, Your Brain, Breath & Alternative Mental & Respiratory Rehabilitation

Ever thought of SCUBA as mental and respiratory rehabilitation? And what’s the reason that brain, breath and lungs are linked in healing and recovery?  Well one organ is obvious, but I’ll just remind you that as an ‘end user’, the brain is the most voracious consumer of oxygen, 4 minutes without it and the brain […]

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Neck & Back

Say ‘neck & back’ to a Jamaican and they will automatically think ‘chicken’, these are parts popularly eaten, but we’ll instead concentrate on neck and back pain

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