Case study in brief – Coincidence, Synchronicity or Stunning Homoeopathic Resolution?

I’ve been working with a patient with deep, long-standing, mental and chronic physical issues requiring complex consideration of acute and constitutional remedies.  How to choose chicken or egg to use first was enabled by the ‘art’ of the practice.  I couldn’t be sure.  I eventually decided the person had a ‘split constitution’, (the patient, not coincidentally, had always been told (s)he seemed like two people and has Venus, the ruling planet, in Gemini)) some deep chronicities and some health conditions that needed an ‘acute jumpstart’ with a nososde, as suggested by senior staff at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hosp.  There was also long term integrated use of various natural compounds and herbs.

Herbs and compounds were started first and maintained throughout, sensitivities and reactions occurred and alternative compounds had to be found and careful monitoring carried out.  One healing reaction came close to hospital admission but was handled by the unusual use of a constitutional dose of an acute rememdy given once as an antibiotic – namely H. Sulphuris.  At various times the ailments flared and relapsed, to the point of making the patient dispondent but the person persevered and a long trend of improvement occurred.

Next came the nosode at 30c for 1 month.  Then the dual constitutional remedies at 50MM for 1 month.  Then the chronic illness rememdies at CM and M, again as a mixed twosome for an indefinite period tapering in frequency.

The original ailments caused the patient to voice the fact (s)he wished (s)he could  ‘get these things out of her/himself, vomit up his/her life, get these demons out’.  The constraining disability of the 6th chakra flared just prior to start of  homoeopathy and as time went on the procrastination behaviour was at least acknowledged, dysthymia and fears were confronted again and now suddenly a massive  sulphur state has occurred…a skin ailment with some chronicity, totally unexperienced before and unusual for him/her (although such a wildly unusual skin occurrence of a different and equally unusual etiology had occurred once before, the difference being that the new etiology was external and the symptoms described a body map almost exactly tracing the the body zones with the original internal complaints).  Not surprisingly elemental sulphur has been very soothing during this period.

I have really had eye openers with this patient but hopefully it will be a rewarding case…..

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