Interstitial Cystitis

So…what about this preventable plague…standard medical practice sees interstitial cystitis as a morass of germ cause, inflammatory response, poor personal and sex hygiene and biological susceptibility and is stumped for offering  any standard cure.  With natural alternatives, treatment is also tailor-made. Prevention is really best. And don’t kid yourself…men and women can get it, men more often get the urethritis and women the pelvic pain of bladder affliction.  Both sexes can be carriers…not a single symptom or none recognisable as anything sinister …while the unfortunate partner becomes a mess. Beware what women always think is yeast, the prickling may not be in the ‘orifice of first guess’ and if the source of the prickling is the urethra it’s a good chance of being urethritis.  Urethritis/IC, depending on the pathogen, can affect any combination of the three/two orifices.  And, no ladies, you are not mad; the sacral ache and joint pains might all be part and parcel of this genitourinary misfortune.  The pestilential complication is urethritis in both sexes. Think about it; the bladder is a collector so urine and remedy/medication can sit in it and bathe its walls, but the urethra is a conduit, it has direct interface with urine and any rememdy, only seconds at a time, a relatively few times per day…so if you’re going to tackle the IC that is combined with urethritis, you will likely need an overnight urethral instillation introduced after the bladder is emptied and the carrier substance is going to be a key issue, needs to cling to mucosa a bit.
You got cystitis?  Try to make sure it’s only the once!  Hit it hard, fast and accurately any way that really works. YOU MAY NOT HAVE TOO MANY CHANCES BEFORE IT CONVERTS TO INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS! Which really means the germ alters itself for or is already prone to cohabiting with your genitourinary tissue in a parasitic relationship.
And if you are cured, you might have been lucky or have received a miracle and it’s ‘no skin off your nose’, so to speak. The more likely scenario, which will of course depend on the pathogen itself, is that you will have to treat one, two or all three orifices AND can expect that since the pathogen likes you so much that it now cohabits with your tissues; when you’re ridding yourself of it there will be complaints…pain, sometimes severe, bleeding from the bladder and/or urthra, lapses that feel worse and worse the more the system decreases it’s tolerance of the microbe as the bacterial load decreases, some extraordinary odours and detritus in the urine, AND, depending on how long you’ve had IC/urethritis (anywhere from a few months to 20 years because of missed diagnoses, wrong/ineffective prescriptions, etc, etc.), you must prepare yourself for the long haul…a month to a year in some cases.
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